What are closet essentials? Think of them as the foundation on which you will build your entire wardrobe. These pieces should be classic, timeless & neutral so that they can be easily mixed and matched with other items in your closet! According to me, here are the top 5 closet essentials to add to your wardrobe:

1- Beige coat: A well structured & well fitted coat can elevate any outfit and make it look effortlessly chic! This Chicwish faux fur collar belted coat is perfect – good quality, well fitting & extremely versatile! You can easily detach the faux fur piece if you prefer a simpler look, but I find that the faux fur adds an extra luxe feel!

2- Pencil skirt: A good pencil skirt can we worn to the office or to dinner & it really makes a statement. Love this Chicwish caramel faux leather pencil skirt as it fits perfectly, it’s comfortable & the slit hits precisely at the right place. You can wear it with a sweater, blouse or t-shirt.

3- Sweater: Bell sleeves and square necks are on trend this season and this Chicwish white square neck knit top is not only fashionable, but it will withstand the test of time. It pairs perfectly with this caramel skirt, but can easily be worn with jeans or trousers.

4- Boots: A pair of good boots is a must! Whether you like heels or flat boots, you can’t go wrong with a tall boot in black or chocolate. I’m loving these Oluria dark brown boots from Aldo (also featured HERE) and they pair so well with a pencil skirt.

5- Handbag: A handbag really ties the entire outfit together! I like investing in classic brand name bags as they elevate an outfit and are more durable. I’m loving this Louis Vuitton Speedy! It’s been in style since forever (timeless) and it pairs so well with everything. It also appears to be bottomless, as everything always seems to fit in there, including my camera!

Closet essentials
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