Cover photo credit: François-Olivier Thibault, Youville Haussmann Park

So Black Friday has gone, you bought a bunch of stuff online and nothing fits right? I’m an avid online shopper, but I must admit that nothing beats hitting up the malls, trying on the clothes, seeing the pieces in real life. So, for all those “not so perfect” gifts that you will be returning this week, you likely need some replacements. Or, if Black Friday weekend was just too crazy for you, now is the perfect time to shop for the Holidays, since the shopping malls will not be as crowded.

My all time favorite mall which I hold dear to my heart is Rockland. I’ve been going there since I’m a kid & I have grown up seeing the mall evolve into what it is today. It has all of my favorite stores (Zara, H&M etc), a pharmacy, and some unique offerings. One of those offerings is the awesome “Espace Marque”, a pop up store designated to host unique designers every month. This month, Rockland is hosting Maison Eläma, a sophisticated, modern & responsible line of furs, which offers tailored pieces as well as re-modelling of existing pieces. They are proud to get all of their furs from NAFA (North American Fur Auctions). I think that it’s the perfect association for Rockland, who has a chic & sophisticated clientele such as us, working chix (wink wink). To top it all off, exclusively at Rockalnd, you can find Eläma Vintage, featuring denim, leather & fur jackets, completely revamped! Bring an old jacket & give it a new life – absolutely unique & personalized! The pop up is located on the 3rd floor, don’t miss out since it’s there for a limited time only! And how awesome would a personalized Chistmas gift be to your loved one?  

The second offering I wanted to tell you about is the Mandy’s Food truck located in the central court! If you’re not familiar with Mandy’s, they offer delicious gourmet salads at very affordable prices (their salads are huge)! Rockland is the 1st mall to host a food truck, and I gotta tell you, it looks really cool. I had the opportunity of trying out their Rockland Salad of the Month, which was a cesear salad with veggie chicken (of course you can also have actual chicken but I was advanturous – it was finger licking good)! I actually can’t wait to discover their next Rockland salad of the month in December (while I shop for some last minute Christmas gifts – seriously, story of my life). The food truck will live at Rockland until Spring 2018, so I shall be having my lunch there often! 

Happy Shopping & Bon Appetit!!!