What does Christmas mean to you? To me, it’s all about gift gifting & spending time with family and friends, having coffee or hot cocoa in pyjamas, reading a good book or watching a Christmas themed movie! I love to sleep in on Christmas Day, it’s one of the only days in the year where I don’t have a care in the world! Then, I lounge in PJs all day long, open presents with my family, enjoy my time with them, eat good food & just relax. So naturally, the best outfit for these activities are pyjamas! If you choose them wisely, you can look both cute and stylish in them, but think of all the other benefits: elastic waist = more food (especially chocolate), comfiness = potential 2nd nap throughout the day (no need to change) + increased happiness! Now that is an equation that you don’t need a math degree to understand and apply to your Christmas day! 

Annika & I partnered with Old Navy & took their PJs out for a spin! We put them to the ultimate test: how warm and comfy we would be lounging in them on Christmas day! The only word that came to mind describing our experience was: bliss. I’m not joking, we did not want to change out of them! These thermal PJs are comfy & warm + adding the sherpa robe or hoody will probably save you a nice buck on the heating bill, haha! It’s SO warm! There a ton of different graphics and designs to choose from – we went with the plaid, but I am also eyeing a couple other prints, so I will definitely be getting another set – they’re just too good! We completed the look with adorable Old Navy Slippers and I gotta say shamelessly that we turned out pretty Insta-worthy! ;) 

These are really great easy Christmas gift grabs too & you can pretty much outfit the entire family with matching PJs for that Christmas photo…which, as I am writing this post makes me think I need to make that happen!!! 

Photo credit: Warren Cleland Photography

Happy Holidays!!!



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