Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work ? These two words may seem counter-intuitive or elusive to some, but true happiness at work is achievable and attainable, you just need to shift your mindset. After all, as they say: Mindset is everything! When we think positively, we bring peace to our mind & the benefits are almost instant, try it! Feeling angry, sad, bored, tired? Try to think about something you’re grateful for, call your mom or text a friend, read a book (like the Secrets to Happiness at Work) – you will experience the shift in your mindset immediately. You’ll feel happier, connected, excited & filled with energy! Do you want to feel the same at work? Let me introduce you to a book I read last week that will definitely help you change your mindset about work.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work by Tracy Bower was written for all working women (and men) who want more joy & fulfillment in their lives. The book puts things into perspective: work can be a source of joy, fill your life with purposes and meaning, provide a space for professional and personal development and allow you to foster lifetime friendships. It’s not just a means of paying bills, it has the potential of being so much more. But first, we need to accept the responsibility for that happiness – after all, we have the power to chose the job & people we work with, and we need to accept that work is part of life, “We spend 80% of our lives at work” and that will spill over into our personal life – don’t fight it, embrace it. Referencing research on various topics from mental & physical health, family, marriage and sleep – being happy at work is fundamental to living a well rounded & healthy life. The book debunks myths of work and life and goes into detail on how to create purpose and meaning, find the right job fit, how to foster trust, empathy, & teamwork with colleagues, how to maintain a growth mindset & learn from failure, how to embrace stress, how to not take ourselves too seriously & to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

What I loved most about the book is the thought provoking topics and the ease of reading. The book is concise, straight to the point and well organized. It made me reflect a lot about my current & past jobs, evaluate the right decisions as well as the mistakes I’ve made in the past. It made me gain perspective & self awareness – we are all responsible for our own lives and we have the power to change them for the better. If you’re not happy about your job or your boss, dig deeper, find out why and take action. Are you looking for more challenge and self development? Maybe it’s time to tackle a bigger project. Are you not getting along with your boss? Put yourself in their shoes, find out the root cause and see if you can fix it or if it’s simply not the right fit. The book made me appreciate my job so much more and it also opened my eyes to what I can improve to increase my happiness at work. I’m really excited for you to read it – highly recommend to all working chix out there! I give it a 4.5/5 stars! The only reason I’m removing .5 is because I wish the book was longer! For those of you who are only starting your readership journey, this book is the perfect start – easy to read, absorb & implement.

Happiness at Work