It’s no big secret that our skin gets dry in the winter b/c of the change in temperature, especially during icy cold conditions. And of course, stress & pollution don’t help! I have normal skin, but in winter, it’s a whole different ball game. One day I’m perfectly hydrated and the next my face looks like a prune (true story!) I’ve tried many creams out there, and ususally it takes a few applications to see results. That’s until I tried the Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream (Normal to Dry skin; $46) & The Hydra-Essential Bi-Phase Serum ($56) and I must admit that the combination of these two is simply a miracle worker! After only one application, I woke up with smooth, ultra hydrated skin! After a full week using these products, not a single blemish on my face and my skin is hydrated & radiant! The secret of the cream is the essence of the Kalanchoe plant from Madagascar. It’s a natural hydration activator that helps the skin caputure & retain water, and in turn self-hydrate! Accordingly to Clarins, the skin gets hit by 17 thermal chocks per day – no wonder it needs help!

When we think of hydration, we often think of the face and we forget the rest of the body when in fact, it’s equally important. Recently I discovered Bioderma’s Atodem Huile de Douche; I know sounds, well, oily right? As a matter of fact, it acts as an oil, but the skin is not oily when you come out of the shower, instead it’s cleansed, smooth & perfectly hydrated instantaneously. It lathers on like soap and it has a light scent, not overpowering – perfect! And of course, I’ve been addicted to it, hence why the bottle is one third gone…lol. To lock it all in, I apply the Atodem Insensive Baume all over the body. It soothes the skin from itching and irritation & builds a healthy skin barrier to protect it from the elements and keep the skin smooth & hydrated! The combination of these two products keeps my skin silky smooth to the touch all winter long.

I highly recommend my ‘winter hydration head to toe kit’ ;)




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