Summer is sadly coming to an end & so it that gorgeous summer tan! My skin color is naturally pearl white, but with heavy skin conditioning through trips to the South, it gained a little bit of color, yet still turns pale & pasty in the winter. I’m sure a lot of you ladies can relate to this, especially if you live in the rough Montreal weather. If you want to hold on to that summer glow into fall and winter, I have a solution! In my youth, I liked tanning salons, but as I got older, I realized that it’s not a great long term option for obvious health & ageing reasons, plus it’s quite expensive when you add it up! So I turned to self tanning as the last viable option but not without being sceptical and terrified of the outcome.

I have tried tons of self tanners that produced quite adverse results: streaking & orange skin. Until finally, after many months of searching, I got my hands on the St-Tropez self tan bronzing lotion at Sephora. I wasn’t sure about getting it b/c I thought $40 for a bottle of self tanner was a bit expensive but I took a leap of faith and tried it. The outcome was beyond compare: perfect color, no streaks & even application! I was honestly stunned.

How to apply:

1- First, I moisturise my body an hour before application.

2- I apply the lotion at night before going to bed for best results, as it takes some time for the skin to absorb the lotion and show color. Don’t worry, the lotion does not stain sheets even though it comes in a very dark chocolate color (but I still wear long PJs just in case…)

3- I use the tan applicator mitt to apply the lotion as it may stain the hands, unless you wash them immediately with the tan remover. The mitt costs only $7.50 and it’s definitely worth it!

Note: I also suggest purchasing the tan remover, which retails for $20. The reason is that you will need to wash the mitt after each use to make it last a long time, and some of the lotion might get on your hands. This product instantly removes any kind of lotion residue so your palms don’t turn brown.

4- I shower the next morning to remove any excess lotion before getting dressed.

5- Finally, I re-apply the lotion every 3-4 days to maintain the color.

The lotion will last depending on the frequency of application. I purchased this lotion a year ago and the bottle is still half full, but I mostly use it on my legs. I never tried it on my face, but I know the St-Tropez line offers a separate lotion for the face. If you girls try it, let me know! Overall, I think this self tan lotion is a good investment and worth the extra bucks.

Where to buy: Sephora or St.Tropez e-store.

Hope this was useful! Enjoy it ladies!



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  1. Diana
    September 12, 2014 / 8:53 am

    My fave brand for self tanning products ! I love the Gradual Tan lotion!
    But beware , Sephora won’t be carrying St Tropez anymore soon…so stock up !!!