Part 2 was necessary b/c since Part 1, I discovered some absolute MUST HAVES! So without further a-do….

1- Joe Fresh Makeup Collection: Truth be told, I didn’t even know Joe Fresh did makeup, so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this collection! My favourite products by far were the compact eyeshadows – rich pigmented colors, & powdery texture which easily glide on the eyelid like butter & blend together perfectly.  They retails for $6 each and they’re availably at Pharmaprix (another thing to binge on when I head over there for drugs – oh who am I kidding, I’m mostly there for the chocolate…)

2- L’Oreal Infallible Paints: You guessed it ladies, it’s paint for the lips! Of course, the collection offers various products from eyeshadows to Colorista hair products, but my favorite item is the Infallible Paints lipstick. Easy to apply, fun, rich & pigmented color that lasts a long time! They’re kind of a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. Each comes with a little brush applicator for easy use and each scent is amazing. I’m addicted to the Nude Star color 312 – use it every.single.day (I do have an obsessive personality to things I love, oh well)! They retails for $12.99 at Jean Coutu, but I see they are currently on sale for $8.99 so grab them while they’re hot! 

3- Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick: What can I say, Clarins never fails to disappoint me! These new Joli Rouge lipsticks are super creamy and moisturizing, they last a long time & these two colors on the picture above (petal pink 707 & tender nude 746) are amazing to wear to work every day. So far, every product I got from Clarins has proven to be extremely hydrating, which is a must in my book for younger looking skin! I mean, there is a reason I still get carded at the liquor store ;)
4- Dermablend Professional: Girls, drop everything – this is THE miracle foundation for face & body you’ve been looking for! This is seriously a miracle worker – no exaggeration! Apply the face foundation + setting powder and I swear, the foundation will stay on ALL DAY LONG, no smudging, even if you touch your face (I do, constantly)! Zits, imperfections, blue veins on the legs? Kiss ’em all goodbye! Apply the leg & body makeup + setting powder and you have it all covered up all day long! All these products have no scent & are hypoallergenic – perfect for any skin type. They all retails around $35 & are available at the pharmacy! I swear, you will not be disappointed!

5- Burberry “The Essentials” Collection: Conceived to create a natural & luminous look – which is pretty much what the Burberry brand is all about ;) ! Amongst the various products, my two favorites are The Fresh Glow Highlighter (color white No. 0.1) -this beautiful mosaic compact, infused with mirco-pearls is perfection for sculpting the face with light and The Lip Contour (color Fair No. 0.2) – this sleek stick traces the lips perfect, yet leaving them hydrated & plump. Always love their products – simply can’t get enough. Both available at The Bay & Sephora, retailing $72 & $33 respectively.  

6- Beautitude Sweet & Salty Luxury Collection: These body salts & scrubs bring pampering to a whole new level. All made from 100% natural ingredients that nourish & hydrate the body. The products offer anti-oxidant & anti-aging proprieties, not to mention how relaxed my body feels after a nice bath (for ultimate effects: add a glass of wine – wink wink). This box retails for $89.99, which is definitely a luxe item, but your body will thank you!7- Cover Girl Outlast Collection: If you want a lipgloss to stay put all day, even when you’re eating or drinking, the Cover Girl Outlast lipgloss is THE ONE! The colors are stunningly rich & pigmented and they seriously don’t come off until you remove them with makeup remover (warning: if you fall asleep with it at night, your bf/husband will think you put on lipstick to bed lol, that’s how long it lasts, no joke)! When you apply it, might feel a little stick, but don’t worry, you won’t feel it anymore once it dries in about a minute. And if you want the full coverage, yet feel light and not caky, the combination of the Outlast concealer, foundation (color: classic ivory) will do the trick. Grab them at the local Pharmacy.

8- Pays Dogon eau de parfum by Monsillage: Inspired by a trip to the West of Africa by the founder, Isabelle Michaud, this woody perfume is unlike anything I have ever smelt before! Reflecting the scents of Pays Dogon, a territory of Mali, dry land, leather & exotic wood – that is really what that perfume is all about! If you want something different, this perfume is for you! The travel size (7,5 ml) retails for $25. 

9- Decleor Box of Secrets – Fabulously smooth: An adorable white & gold little box, containing some real treasures! 1st (not pictured here, major fail on my part), there is the Aromessence Mandarine smoothing oil serum, which the secret box said to keep by my bedside table and rub it on my face and neck as soon as I woke up – which I did and must admit felt amazing. 2nd – the Soothing Exfoliation Cream – when you apply it to the face, it seriously just removes all your dead skin – you feel it & you see it (impressive stuff)! And 3rd- the Aroma Lisse energizing smoothing cream, which has a nice citrus scent,  leaves the skin refreshed and moisturized! Steps 2 & 3 can be applied day or night! Love this treatment & so does my hubby (don’t tell him I told you this, lol). The box is available at various institutes and spas such as Cloud Spa.

10- Lise Watier Foundation Sparkle of Hope Lip Gloss: There is no better kind of shopping than the one for a cause. This shimmery gloss in a compact that lights up when you open the gloss (for those nights out when you need to re-apply it but it’s too dark at the bar or in the car) retails for only $23 and all the proceeds from it go directly to the Lise Watier Foundation, which supports women in need. Get a gloss, give back hope – #womenpower ! 11- Secret Fresh Collection (scent: Ooh La La Lavender): I generally have a problem with deodorant b/c every time I apply it, either my pits get irritated, or I feel like the freshness has left me mid day! I must admit that this new collection from Secret gave me a new found hope. My 1st impression when opening this stick was the amazing scent of lavender. It is said to last 48hrs, and I cannot vouch for that since I take a shower everyday lol, but it definitely lasts all day! Not to mention, no irritation, even after a shave! So far, so good, love the product!12- Avene Eau Thermale TriXera Collection: I apply a moisturizer every time I come out of the shower. I don’t like it when my skin feels itchy or dry. I started using the Avene Trixera Nutrition Nutri-fluid cleanser & the Trixera Nutrition Nutri-fluid location religiously for about a month now. Both products have a nice light scent, they are paraben-free, and most importantly they provide ULTIMATE hydration to my entire body – wow! Cannot tell you how much I love this product! The cleanser is soap free, so it applies to nicely to the skin, and the lotion absorbs within minutes of application – it’s as if my skin has been craving it forever! Love this product – find it at Jean Coutu!

13-Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo & Conditioner: As you probably already know, I have very thin and dry hair that get ultra tangled when they get wet (story of my life), so I need the extra moisture. This shampoo and conditionner do the job just right! My hair is moisturized, soft and much easier to brush after I come out of the shower. The scent is amazing too, a little bit like bubble gum :) Find it at your local Pharmacy or Wal Mart!

That’s a wrap, hope this gave you a nice rundown of this Spring’s beauty novelties! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or comments! Happy SPRING (finally, it’s upon us – gotta get into shape now…lol….stay tuned for a post telling you all about how I will be losing 20 lbs in the next few months….ready, set, go!)



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