I don’t know about you, but I get all giddy when I get a new lipstick or a new eyeshadow palette! The only problem with getting something I LOVE is the fact that I cannot get enough of it so I use & abuse it until it’s gone (sounds horrible when I read this out loud, lol)! I’m one of those people who can’t keep a nice looking palette b/c like 1-2 colors are almost gone! Well, that’s me and I like to think that if you love it, use it  – why let a pretty thing go to waste? ;) So, here are some of my new Spring finds that I’ll surely be (or have already been) abusing!

Burberry Kisses lipsticks in 3 shades (Military Red no. 109/ Peony no. 37 / Magenta Pink no. 419 – retail for $36): These lipsticks are by far my favourites; rich consistency, satin matte finish, yet very hydrating! All these colors are very pigmented and they look amazing on the lips. And what can I say about the packaging except for, well, sleek, classy, luxurious & stunning! They’re definitely one of my guilty little pleasures, I have 7 so far in my collection…

Clarins ace Contouring Palette (Limited Edition – $49): OBSESSED with this one! I gotta say, I’m terrible at contouring, but with this one, I swear it’s the easiest thing and it looks so natural. The colors are beautiful and they blend in perfectly. I love Clarins’ gold packaging, it’s chic & sleek (did that rhyme?), and I love how compact it is – you can just throw it in your bag and go. Plus, it smells amazingly. Trust me, best purchase ever!

Clarins 4-colour eyeshadow palette (New color combo – $45): Browns & greys are my all time favourite eye shadows, I feel they go perfectly with blue eyes, although I must admit that I have a lot more brown shades than grey shades at home so I’m really happy with this addition. The texture of all these shadows is smooth & satin like, they glide perfectly on the eyelid and they last absolutely all day. I like to use the Ombre Iridescente shadows to highlight the eye together with this eyeshadow palette. I go through cream and blush shadows like hot cakes, so I usually like to get the bigger size.

Clarins 4-colour pen (Limited edition – $44): This is by far the most interesting beauty product I have ever seen! Definitely compact & travel friendly, as it looks like a pen, and it’s super versatile – it can be used for eyes, lips or even eyebrows. Surprisingly my favorite is the dark blue shade! It’s super trendy for Spring and it actually makes my eyes pop when I apply it as a liner on the top lid in the corners of the lid – LOVE!

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner (retails for around $7): Before I tell you about this product, I need to tell you a little bit about my hair: it’s thin, straight, color treated, gets very tangled when it gets wet & gets greasy very fast – which kinda forces me to wash my hair everyday. I hear that’s not a good thing, but I do it anyway….and I’m thrilled to learn that Pantene attacked this issue 1st hand with it’s new revolutionary Pro-V  formula that aims to nourish the hair from within, while we’re washing it. The idea is to replenish the hair with lost lipids & strengthen the hair at its very core. I washed my hair with this shampoo & conditioner everyday for 2 weeks straight and here is what I observed: my hair is smooth and bouncy, no weighing down, and most importantly a lot less tangly when I come out of the shower. I can easily brush my hair without pulling half of it. It has a nice texture & lather, not to mention the amazing scent (smells like apple to me). It has definitely strengthen my hair & I’m really addicted to this shampoo now!

Looky Brush (retails for $12-$25): It’s been forever that I’ve been wanting to try out these brushes! I must admit that when I 1st saw them on IG, I was intrigued and confused: What are these things?! Well guys, these are makeup brushes! Soft, high quality & pretty easy to use, with my favourite being the foundation & concealer brushes (can’t get enough of those). Personally I found the eyeliner brush a little harder to use b/c my eyelids are really thin, but the rest of them are great; plus, they look amazing on a vanity ;) – currently playing with the foundation brush as I write this (so soft..)!

Looky Scrub: Another bucket list item – the coffee scrub, aka. natural exfoliator. It’s simply amazing how soft your skin feels after using this product! The scrub itself smells really nice (love all 3 scents that I tired) & the texture is as expected: granular like all the scrubs out there, so be careful not to rub it on your body too roughly. Perfect for exfoliating & hydrating the body, as well as relaxing – perfect for a day of cocooning ;)

Jouviance Plump FX (Retails for $32): Here is the deal-O! When I was young (thanks Annie, she knows who she is and why I am thanking her – Celine Dion reference), I used to bit my lower lip all.the.freaking.time! My mother was not happy with me and would constantly tell me that my lip would expand. Well, I’m not sure if there is any truth to that or not, but my lower lip IS in fact larger than my upper one… Years of camouflage and still, the difference remains apparent. So, I was really excited to discover the Jouviance Plump FX gloss (b/c other than botox, I did not see how I cam plump my upper lip). After one application, this gloss plumped up the volume of my upper lip! The secret? “An instant volumizing effect similar to a hyaluronic acid injection for lips that look smoother, hydrated and fully plumped”. Yep, ladies & gentlemen (ok, just ladies, I don’t want gentlemen to know my little secret), my lips seriously looked more sculpted & more voluminous! The texture is glossy but not too sticky & it has a minty scent & feeling, plus you can totally apply it on top of your lipstick. Try it to believe it! Also, what’s important to note, this product does not contain: parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants, artificial fragrances, animal-based or potentially irritation‑causing ingredients & is not tested on animals!

Maison Jacynthe: If you haven’t heard about the company yet, it’s about time that you did! What’s extremely impressive, is the fact that their products are make without any chemicals: no petroleum by-products, no artificial fragrances or preservatives, only 100% natural active ingredients (yes, mam!) I tried out the 3 products you see on the picture above. The liquid foundation creme 03 provides amazing coverage yet feels extremely light – as if it were a tinted moisturizer! I’m very fair skinner and the color I chose is a little darker than I usually use, but it will be perfect for summer when I finally get somewhat of a glow (soon I hope, dear Lord, soon!). The bottle comes in 30ml, which is perfect for travel. The concealer 01 (the lighter, the better) is in the most adorable packaging: looks like a lipstick with its stunning wooden cover! The coverage is remarkable! I used it to cover dark circles under my eyes & a zit on my chin (am I not too old to get zits? I always wondered…) The texture is nice and creamy and very easy to apply – love! Finally, I tried the highlighter 01 Soleil Petillant (note: case sold separately, I didn’t know so I thought it was important to mention – I want the case) which I applied along the cheek bones and it gave me a light, sun kissed glow which lasted pretty much all day long! It’s a beautiful color with a tiny bit of shimmer. Overall love the products and the fact that they are cruelty free.

That’s a wrap chix! Hope this article was useful for you to browse and pick & choose some new Spring products!



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