Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with make-up – hence my VIP Rouge status. Do I regret it? Not even for a second :) This past weekend Sephora was organizing a VIP Rouge event for Spring, offering 15% off on everything in store + a make-up bag full of samples. I took full advantage of this event to stack up on all the make-up I was running out on + try some new products. Here is a little review of the goodies I got! Some of my favourites & some newbies.

1- Sephora collection anti-shine foundation primer: New product I decided to try as per my sister’s recommendation. I really like the texture of it and it definitely helps keep my face shine free when I take pictures for my blog. I have tried many different primers, I like the smashbox one, but I think it’s heavier than the Sephora one. 

2- Too Faced lip cream in juicy melon: This is a new lipstick that I just had to try & I loveee the texture – very creamy & moisturising, just perfect :) Great color for the summer (although I have already stared using it, ALOT)! It’s a mixture of coral & pink. I was on the fence about buying it b/c I already have many lipsticks, but I wanted to try this one for quite some time so I went for it. I surely don’t regret it!

3- Sephora instant nail polish remover: I don’t know about you ladies, but I completely hate removing nail polish! I was ecstatic when my friend introduced me to this nail polish remover over a year ago. It works like magic and I haven’t used anything else since. You just dip your fingers in the sponge and the nail polish comes right off. I highly recommend this product.

4- Sephora nail polish in color 40 Date a Prince – Cocquelico Red: Honestly, for a $6 nail polish, it’s quite good. Very fast dry & the color is great for Summer! It lasted me about 3 days before it started to chip (and that’s without a top coat b/c I got lazy), which is very good – actually better than some nail polishes for which I paid a lot more money.

5- Smashbox camera ready BB cream: This is the second time I buy this foundation & I really like it. It’s not heavy, yet still provides good coverage. I used to buy the Hourglass tinted moisturiser & liked it a lot, but I thought it was too pricey, so I decided to try the Smashbox BB cream instead. I bought the travel size (0.5 oz), and that honestly lasted me for about 2-3 months & I used it twice a day (before & after work). So this time around, I bought the travel size again ($22 – not bad at all).

6- Tarte Concealer: The best concealer I have ever tried! I keep re-filling on this concealer as it pretty much camouflages all the imperfections on my face. You need to try to believe. During summer I get a lot of freckles, which is cute, but when there is too many on my nose, I really don’t like it, so I have been on a quest to find a concealer to help me with this issue, and I found it!!! I absolutely love it!

7- Boxom – I actually got this one by redeeming 100 of my points. I have used up two of these lip glosses already & I really like the color & the effect on my lips. It’s a little gooey but it’s definitely a lip injection – I think it really does make my lips look fuller!

8-They’re real – I keep re-filling this mascara over and over again. It truly makes my lashes look “un”-real, think & long. I have bought tons of these! I like the travel version the most.

Hope you girls enjoyed this review. Happy Friday!


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