Sephora did it again! Their Holiday Collection is so on point! This store has always been my go-to for all things beauty! Yes, I have earned their VIB Rouge status (don’t judge, lol), as I am a little bit makeup obsessed and so are my mom, sister & girlfriends – bottom line: between the 3 of us + gifts, it’s easy to spent that $1K/year. Especially that Sephora carries a wide range of products from so many great brands, including their own Sephora Collection (Ad). That collection is always so well packaged & the price/quality ratio is unbeatable. Below are a few of the goodies I tried from the current Holiday Collection, which make for great gifts & stocking suffers! 

Sephora Collection Rising Star Canister Brush Set ($49/$108 value)

This set of 5 brushes is perfect for full face application and comes in a beautiful glitter stand up canister! The brushes are rose gold, with mini stars inside the handles (too adorable). The set is comprised of the following brushes: Complexion, Angled Highlight, Angled Shadow, Precision Shadow & Pointed Smudge. The bristles are really soft and fun to use! Last year, I received the gold glitter set & they are in great shape. These will just get added to my personal collection! ;) 

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Collection Set ($28/$107 value)

I’m a lipstick hoarder, I literally have like 50 at home, but each is so unique!! This gift set right here is a complete steal for $28, since these normally retail for around $18 each – so basically, you’re getting 4 for free! The texture of these lip stains is matte & I really love all the colors. Sometimes these gift packs come in colors I wouldn’t use, but these are right up my alley. I find that the pigmentation of all of them is really nice, with the beige being on the lighter side, but no matter! You can gift this as a set or break it apart and use for stocking suffers! 

Sephora Collection Tinsel Time Clutch ($6 – on sale) 

This makeup clutch filled with tinsel (or how I like to call it: confetti) is great for makeup b/c it’s so easy to wipe clean inside and out. I hate when my makeup bags get stained with eyeshadows or foundation. Plus, it’s ultra adorable! To complete the gift, you can either fill the clutch with makeup, or pair it with an equally adorable glitter filled mask! 

Sephora Collection Enchanting Colours Eye & Face Palette ($28/$56 value)

Aside from my lipstick, I am an avid palettes collector! Once I have a good one though, I only use that one, until some of the shadows start to get completely used up! That has always been my issue with things I fall in love with, I constantly want to use them & this is definitely my latest obsession! This magical set includes: 8 beautiful eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer & 1 highlighter. It’s really an all-in-one palette that can help create that holiday look! Just apply mascara, and you’re ready to go! The shadows are creamy, nicely pigmented & blend perfectly. Sephora Collection always remains consistent in the quality – love the line for it!   

Sephora Collection Enchanted Glow Face Palette ($8/$22 value)

Well, it’s winter and that summer glow is definitely gone! What better way to bring it back then with a highlighter, bronzer, and blush trio?! The price is insane for this palette – absolutely perfect to stuff those stockings! The pigmentation is on point and the palette is nice and compact – so you can just grab it and go! 

Lilly Lashes for Sephora Collection Lash Set ($60/$73 value)

Lashes are the perfect way to complete that Holiday look! This exclusive lash kit includes: 2 of Lilly Lashes best-sellers, 3D Mink style Miami and Mink style Diamonds  +a luxe rose gold lash applicator to help apply lashes with ease! I would get this for myself, but it makes for a great gift too ;) 

Sephora Collection Glowy Surprise Face & Lip Kit Popper ($8 – on sale)

Usually poppers are not too exciting, but this one is pretty awesome! Find a handful of face and lip goodies when you pop this one! Nicely pigmented & these smell really nice – especially the blush! Absolutely perfect for a quick grab for that colleague at work during a Secret Santa exchange, or as a stocking stuffer! 

Happy last minute shopping chix!



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