Best.Shampoo.Ever! Here’s the deal-O: I wash my hair pretty much every day b/c its super thin & gets greasy fast. But washing hair so often dries out the scalp so I’ve been having a sort of love/hate type of relationship with lots of shampoos I tired. Yes, they provided volume but at the cost of dry scalp – but then I discovered this NIUCOCO trio and I must say I am impressed! IMG_2256

NIUCOCO Hydrating shampoo: Finally something that really works! As the name says, it hydrates the hair & scalp!!! I washed my hair everyday for two weeks and no signs of dryness on the scalp – EUREKA! The shampoo smells heavenly like coconut & is made out of pure coconut oil & natural ingredients. As the bottle says: SHAKE IT WELL! The formula of this shampoo is very liquid given its natural composition, so you need to shake it. The product should come out the color of milk, not transparent & you should carefully dispense it into the palm of your hand. Don’t worry, this shampoo is not oily. The result (together with the conditioner) is super soft beautiful hair!

NIUCOCO Smoothing conditionner: It has an amazing coconut smell & a nice thick texture. It definitely untangles my hair, which btw gets extremely tangled when its wet, so you know the product is good, haha! Once the hair is dry, it’s super soft!


NIUCOCO renewing hair serum: I’m absolutely addicted to it! It can be used pre/post wash, pre/post blow dry & for styling! I was scared to apply it to the roots of the hair, thinking it might be too oily but it’s not at all. It’s just perfect! I feel like it tames the hair & adds even more smoothness from the root to the tip of the hair! I use it pre-blow dry & a styling. Only a few drops are dispensed at once so I shake it many times to get as much as possible out of it. It smells coconut-y, like the shampoo and conditioner & the scent lingers for the entire day – love!

Highly recommend! This is my new favourite!!! It will be hard to beat!

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