There is nothing better than a good beauty recommendation, which is why I decided to share my Charlotte Tilbury favourites just in time for the holidays so that you can stuff those stockings with nothing but the best! |AD

I discovered the brand over a year ago by trying out some of their lipsticks & I fell in love. They smelled amazing and they hydrated my lips perfectly while making them look plump and perfectly coloured. I knew there and then that this was a brand to know!

Below is a roundup of the products that are part of my daily routine. I consider these to be absolute essentials and I will let you know why I love each and one of them so dearly.

#1: Magic Vanish: The name says it all – it magically makes every imperfection simply vanish – pouf! It’s perfect for those under eyes circles and for blemishes. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of blemishes and this has seriously been my saviour in camouflaging them! This compact is super light, which makes it very easy to slide in your purse. The texture of this concealer is buttery & it glides perfectly onto the skin, leaving it looking flawless. I’m basically addicted now! I got this in colour 1.

#2: Airbush Flawless Foundation: I am really digging these names as they’re such accurate descriptions of the actual product. You need just a tiny drop of this product to cover the entirety of your face and make it look, well: absolutely flawless! This foundation is completely weightless, it feels like there is nothing on your face, yet it provides a full coverage. It lasts all day & it actually moisturizes the skin throughout the day (up to 24hrs) and leaves a matt finish. I chose a neutral color #2, but this foundation comes in 44 different shades so you’re sure to find your perfect match!

#3: Hot lips 2 Dancefloor Princess: Aside from the stylish leopard print packaging, this lipstick is refillable! This nude pink colour is perfect for everyday & just like the other lipsticks I tired from Charlotte Tilbury, it’s moisturizing & hydrating. It’s creamy, luxurious and makes for the perfect stocking stuffer! And yes, it sells amazing!

#4: Filmstar bronze & glow: All you really need for that perfect glow, even during this cold winter wonderland we’re having here in Toronto! The bronzer is amazing, I’ve been using it every single day for months – this product will last you a long time. This powdery bronzer and highlighted blend so perfectly into the skin, making it look so natural. It also makes my blue eyes pop even more. Cannot recommend this enough!


Big Charlotte Tilbury fan – aka. Working Chix