Hidden gem in Decarie Square! Modelo Salon & Spa is owned & managed by the well known & celebrated hairstylist Sofia Karambela! Give this lady a pair of scissors and she will work her magic! And of course, she has an amazing team of professionals at her disposal. Ruth (colourist extraordinaire) gave me that perfect blond I’ve been looking for years! Not to mention that the salon provides tons of beauty services: hair, makeup, nails & a day spa – all in one stop! When asked why the salon hasn’t moved, Sofia rightfully said: “Where else can you find free parking when heading to a salon & spa? Besides, my clients know where to find me” ;) – and it’s no wonder that they come back again and again! I had the privilege to get a color, cut & styling at Modelo, check out below for the result!
IMG_9117MY HAIR BEFORE: Disaster. I’ve been looking for a new colorist and hairdresser for a while, as I have been disappointed with some salons lately. My hair was in urgent need of a cut & color refresh! It looked thin, messy & overall out of control – well you can judge by yourself looking at the picture below – 911! IMG_9048

MY HAIR AFTER: Ruth worked her magic with the color! I simply told her that I wanted to go blonder & that I wanted to do highlights full hair, not just partial! Various salons told me that I should only color half my head and leave my hair darker on the bottom to give volume – I never liked it, b/c as soon as I tied my hair up, it looked odd. Both Sofia & Ruth agreed with me: full head it is! I also showed Ruth a hair inspo I found on Pinterest & with a single glimpse at the photo, she got to work! She was very careful not to damage my hair with bleach, given how thin & fragile my hair is (baby hair she called it, lol – love it). The result: that perfect blond I’ve been lusting after! My hair underneath looks amazing too! And guess what!!! It does not look like I have less hair, it looks even more voluminous than before.

Once Ruth was done with my color, I was handed off to Sofia. One look at my hair and she said: “Hmm, you like that V shape you have? Because me, I’m all about volume” –  to which I responded: You are speaking my language sweet lady! Minutes after, I had the most perfect clean cut blond hair with volume! But she was not done yet: “You know me, I like to enhance” ;) And so she gave me some stunning curls to go with my stunning haircut! Perfection.

IMG_9062 IMG_9064

Overall result: Absolute happiness! Highly recommend!!! You will not be disappointed!

Location:6900, BOUL DÉCARIE, 2ND FLOORCOTE-SAINT-LUC, QC H3X 2T8/ Tel: (514) 739-8686

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