Healthy skin is the key. Moisturizing  & taking care of it keeps it looking youthful & feeling smooth. Best way to achieve that is to use the right products! Here are some of my latest favourites! IMG_1581

Lotus Aroma hand soap: AH-mazing smell & extremely gentle on the hands! When mixed with water, it turns into a perfect lather. You only need a tiny pump to clean your hands & make them fell smooth. By far, one of my favourite hand soaps!

Lotus Aroma bath & body wash: Food for you body; it nourishes & moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth, silky, clean and fresh. Not to mention that it smells absolutely amazing! It can be used both as a body wash or as a bubble bath and contains natural essential oils. Honestly, makes you feel like your in a spa – amazing when you’re congested! To find out where to buy, click HERE.IMG_1584

Caudalie Contouring Concentrate: I don’t believe in miracle weight loss or slimming products, there is no substitute for exercising and eating right to loose weight and eliminate cellulite. But, I definitely believing in moisturizing & firming the skin, and one of the best products to achieve that is a 100% plant-based oil made out of all natural ingredients! Yes, this products is definitely oily but if you rub it in & let is get absorbed by the skin, you will feel the benefits of smooth skin. I suggest applying it at night right before putting on pjs. It feels & smells natural.

Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Gel: I’m not a huge fan of oily makeup removers, but this one really works. To be honest, I use it in combination wih the Bioderma moisturizing make up removal solution (below) on a cotton swab. Together, I find that they can remove any type of makeup, even water resistant mascara. It transforms into a silky like cleanser to clean the face & leaving it smooth.


Nioxin Diamax Advanced Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment & Nioxin Intensive Therapy Night DEnsity Rescue: I have very thin hair that’s always flat – it’s my curse. I’ve been looking for a miracle worker forever, both b/c most products I tried don’t work & b/c I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair in the morning to make it look more dense. So when I discovered this duo, it was literally & a ‘hair saver’ – lol! It’s an intense day & night hair treatment. I apply the night one a to the roots of my hair before going to sleep and I apply the day one to damp hair in the morning – 3 times a week. After usage, my hair is literally 3 times as thick looking, but I must admit it does not hold up all day without a touch up. Still, best product for thin hair out there (until proven otherwise)!

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Moisturizing Make-up Removing Solution: BEST make -up remover ever! Feels like water, removes like oil! Although, I do use it sometimes with the Caudalie product above when I need to remove waterproof makeup. Very gentle on the skin & eyes, odourless – pretty much feels like water. I use it by soaking a little cotton pad. This bottle is huge and it lasts forever -been using it for months and I’m not even half way yet. LOVE this product! IMG_1526

Bioderma Utra-Nourishing balm: My skin is smooth, silky & soft after using this product for the past few months after showering. It has a very light scent, feels soft when applied to the skin and you only need a little bit of this product to fully moisturize your body & since the bottle is pretty big, it lasts a long time! IMG_1527

Bioderma Aroderm Ultra Repair Hand Cream: Perfect cream to fix those dry hands! Now that summer is here,  I don’t need it as much, but every now and then it feels nice to sooth the hands with this light scented cream.IMG_1528

Bioderma Aroderm Moisturizing lip stick: My lips are constantly dry, no matter the season. This stick smells & tastes like berries and it’s simply amazing to moisturize the lips! I like to apply it before going to bed and wake up with smooth lips. Love!IMG_1560IMG_1562

Lierac Premium Anti-age cream: Luxurious texture, light floral scent, perfect moisturizing capabilities – all qualities of this cream! I used if for over a month every night before heading to bed and it felt absolutely amazing on the skin. The next day, my face was ultra smooth!IMG_1561

Lierac Premium face mask: This mask is amazing for one major reason: it acts as a mask and a cream at the same time. You can apply this mask without rinsing as it feels & gets absorbed exactly like the cream! I recommend applying it before heading to bed once a month for ultimate ‘premium’ results ;)



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