This is what I call the ultimate winter hydration care package! My skin gets quite dry during winter, so I’m always looking for new remedies and these finds are amazing. IMG_9297 Declare Hydro Boost Due Care Fluid: My face gets super dry, especially when I get a cold, which happens every winter without fail, so I heavily rely on creams to bring back its smoothness and radiance. I received this product over a month ago & used it religiously in combination with the moisturizing cream (below) at night, applying it to the face & neck. Its very hydrating, the texture is smooth and feels great against the skin, not to mention how amazing it smells (very light floral) & you only need a dab of it! It contains a combination of ocean minerals, trace elements, algae and seaweed extracts. Its said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles & signs of stress and fatigue. Although I don’t have any visible wrinkles yet, I do look quite rested in the morning, even when I barely slept a few hours the night before. Love this product and will continue to use for sure! IMG_9299Declare Ocean’s Best: I use this cream at night after applying the Hydro Boost Dual Care Fluid above. The texture is super soft and again, it smells amazing (very light floral)! I definitely think that the positive effects I have noticed were caused by the combination of these two products.  I mentioned it already in my previous beauty posts, but just in case you missed it, I have normal skin. However, these products are suitable for all skin types so even if you have sensitive skin, the product should be suitable as it’s very gentle. Also, I have been using the cream for over a month and it’s still pretty full. A little bit of this product goes a long way. Love love love this cream!
IMG_9303Declare Hydro Intensive Mask: The truth is that I hate applying masks…they’re wet, cold & sometimes sticky, plus you need to keep it on the face for 15 mins. But, I do love the benefits so I use them nevertheless and keep giving them a chance. Now, I would lie if I said I love this one, b/c I don’t think that will ever truly happen for me, lol, but this one is definitely better than all the ones I tired. It applies and feels like a cream and it’s not wet or sticky. I apply it once a week to the face and neck for 15 mins and wash it off before applying the hydro fluid & cream. It’s definitely my favorite one thus far!
IMG_9306 Institut Esthederm sculpt system: Silky soft, creamy texture & ultimate hydration! That is the best definition of this cream. I applied if for 2 months now every morning after my shower and I am absolutely head over heels for this body cream! Even though I’ve been quite generous with the applications, I still have about a 3rd of it left! So nourishing, revitalizing and firming. The texture is amazing and the smell is a very light fragrance, a combination of floral and vanilla, but very very light. I definitely want to continue using this product!
IMG_9307SkinCeuticals Metacell B3: I applied this daily corrective moisturizer every morning for over a month. The product clarifies the skin, reduces wrinkles, re-tightens surface elasticity, and evens the skin tone. Ever since I’ve been using all these products, I have never received so many compliments about how beautiful my skin looks. I usually got redness when I come out of the shower but recently, no redness or irritation and my skin remains hydrated all day.

Hope this review was helpful! Happy New Year once again!!!



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