I’ve always had fine & thin hair and keeping it long wasn’t really doing anything for me, therefore on recommendation from my hairdresser, I faced my fear & cut it short to create more volume. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the cut – it frames my face nicely & it’s low maintenance, which is great since I have a really busy schedule.

However, I’ve been missing having long hair and my sister’s wedding was coming up so I decided to give Luxy hair extensions a try. I was a little worried about whether I would be able to blend in my short hair with the long strands, and that the clips of the extensions would show given that my hair is so thin. Turns out my fear was unfunded – the clips don’t show and the extensions blend in seamlessly, looking 100% natural. These are the best clip in hair extensions, quality is exceptional and I go from short to long full stunning hair within minutes.

Here are the 5 easy steps to making this happen:

Step 1: Choose the right extensions

Depending on your hair type, there are various hair extensions offered by Luxy hair: Classic, Seamless & Halo.

I chose the Classic collection (colour Dirty Blonde, 20″) – it has a silk fabric stitched base with the clips hand-sewn to the base of each weft. Since I have very thin hair, I chose the 120g set, which is specifically designed for thin hair. I love this set – it’s not too heavy & it matches my hair colour perfectly. Luxy extensions come in a cute pink round box and the great thing is that when you 1st open up the box, you can find one strand of the set for you to try and color match before you break the security stickers of the full set. This way, you can easily exchange the set for one that matches better.

I think my next set will be from the Seamless collection – it’s bound with silicone rather than fabric, which means that the base of the weft is 50% thinner than the Classic wefts. This ensures that the wefts lay totally flat against the head so that the thin hair can glide easily over and hide them. Finally, Luxy recently launched the Halo collection, thats great for first-time users as instead of clipping or sewing in wefts, Halo extensions sit on top of the head, secured with a thin, invisible wire.

Step 2: Pre-curl the extensions

Before clipping in the extensions, it’s best to curl them first. This saves time and it’s much easier than trying to curl long strands of hair sitting at the back of your head. I pre-curl them with a flat iron, but you can easily use a curling iron as well, depending on the type of curl you are looking for. A little trick I use with the longer strands: I hang them on a hanger with clips and curl them directly – works like a charms!

Step 3: Clip in the hair extensions layer by layer

Start by clipping your hair up & parting your hair. Then start creating a solid base fort the welts. In order to make that happen, I apply a bit of hair spray at the root of my hair and then tease the hair before clipping in the extensions. This way, they will not slide through my thin hair & hold tight throughout the day. Don’t worry, teasing your hair gentle a little bit won’t damage your short hair, as long as you’re gentle with it.

Step 4: Figure out the sweet spot

Try different ways of positioning the welts in order to see what works best for you! For me, I like to start with the largest welts at the base and make my way up until I get to the single welts. I’m also careful to not place any welts at the very top of my head, since there is a risk of the extensions showing, as my thin hair might not be able to cover them up.

Step 5: Curl your own hair

In order to blend in the short hair with the long strands, simply wrap your natural hair and the extensions together around the flat iron and curl them in the same direction as you did your extensions. This way they will seamlessly blend together, creating one cohesive hair style, making it look 100% natural. Voila!

I’m so happy to say that I have become an ambassador of Luxy hair as I cannot recommend them enough! Get $5 off your $100 order with code: LX-ANNAP.