From left to right :

Too Faced – Juicy Melons (Sephora)

Smashbox – Flamingo (Sephora)

Makeup Forever – N18 Rouge Artist Natural

Revlon Colorburst – Honey Douce (Pharmaprix)

Bite – Corvina (Sephora)

Sephora – Strawberry Fizz 

It’s strange to think but not so long ago, I never used to wear lipstick. I’m not sure why, I guess I just thought I couldn’t pull it off, especially rich colors such as coral, hot pink or red. I still remember the first day I bought my 1st lipstick, not a gloss, but a real lipstick in a red shade. I was so nervous wearing it the 1st time, I felt everyone was looking at my lips, like they were too bright. It’s so silly to think about it now that I wear lipstick on a daily basis. I tried tons of shades, but the lipsticks/lip glosses featured in this post are my absolute favourites thus far. The Too Faced Juicy Melons lipstick is fun for summer, I love its creamy texture. It’s soft like a lip balm and moisturises the lip, yet it’s still a lipstick that last for hours. The Smashbox lipgloss is simply amazing. I tried it at the store and just had to have it to complete my makeup look for a friend’s wedding. Now I use it almost daily. It’s rich but not too sticky, which is great b/c I don’t like it when my long hair sticks to my lips – worst.feeling.ever! The color is in between hot pink & purple, so it’s really fitting for Fall. The Makeup Forever lipstick is beautiful & moisturising. It’s perfect for everyday wear. The color I chose is on the pale pink side with a little hint of purple for Fall. If you’re anything like me & your lips are dry, you like moisture. I seek it in all my lipsticks/lip glosses – 1st question I always ask before buying. The Revlon Colorbust is a real gem. It’s super cheap, I got it on sale for like $6. The color is actually lighter on the lips than it appear on the stick. It moisturises the lip, yet has a matte finish. Bite lipsticks are so rich and ever lasting! The color can literally last you all day or all night. It’s a little hard to remove, need to rub it a bit with a paper towel. It gives a perfect matte finish & it’s perfect for a night out. Finally the Sephora Strawberry Fizz lip balm is one that I simply cannot get enough of! I also can’t believe it’s only $10! What a steal! It’s a tinted, perfectly moisturising balm disguised as a lipstick. It seems difficult to apply since it’s shaped like an egg, but it actually works great!

I buy most of my makup at Sephora, but some make up at the drug store is also really good, such as the Revlon Colorburst – I think I will get it in other shades. I am also obsessed with the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipstick that I will be getting soon, I just cannot decide on the shade! What do you girls think?



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  1. Diana
    October 24, 2014 / 9:13 am

    BITE is an absolute fave of mine ! I have a coral/pink colour and a rich purple , and they both look amazing ! Beware when applying though , if you go beyond your lip it will stain your skin..and you need to rub hard to remove it – What a bummer when your makeup is all perfect and complete !