Being a single mother is not easy, I know b/c I watched my mom work day and night to provide for my sister and me. She made sure we were fed, clothed, and had the best eduction. Yet, she made it look easy. She was though, independent, hard working & confident; all qualities that helped her propel forward and which she bestowed upon us. We both got educated, became independent, autonomous, & financially stable. She is my idol, my inspiration, a person I look up too & the reason the Lise Watier Foundation is important to me. It is my turn now to inspire and support women in need; show them that if they believe in themselves, they’re already half way there!
Collier & gloss

Lise Watier Foundation:

“We believe in a world where every woman can envision and strive for a better future—and succeed. By providing the necessary tools for success, the organizations we sponsor are giving our women a precious gift—autonomy. Self-assurance and self-confidence regarding potential and skills are not innate to all women. By acquiring these attributes through programs set up by organizations sponsored by the Lise Watier Foundation, women can become masters of their own success”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Feu de bengal

Project/ Contest:

This is why Chloe Dumont (The Fashion Red Fox) & myself (Working Chix) both decided to become the ambassadors of this cause and bring light to the lives of women in need. To celebrate ‘MOTHERS’, we put together a contest offering a mother/daughter shopping spree valued at $1,500 at one of the 4 Cadillac Fairview shopping centers located in the province of Quebec: CF Carrefour Laval, CF Fairview Pointe Claire, CF Galeries d’Anjou, CF Promenades St-Bruno, as well as a complete makeover. The contest will take place from February 18th – March 10th. The winners (mother/daughter duo) will be announced the week of March 14th.

The prize includes the following:

  • Full hair transformation at Salon Gamme
  • Shopping spree valued at $1,500 at Cadillac Fairview shopping center of your choice
  • Styling by Working Chix & The Fashion Red Fox
  • Make up at the Lise Watier counter – Day and night looks
  • Professional photography session that will immortalize the experience
  • Lunch
  • And other fun surprises

To participate:

  • You need to be available on the weekend of April 2nd-3rd, 2016
  • You can accumulate up to 3 chances of winning by following these steps:


CHANCE #1: Make a $10 donation to the Lise Watier Foundation by following this link:

CHANCE #2: Share a picture of the Foundation’s products on Instagram, either the lipstick (HERE), lip gloss (HERE) or necklace (HERE) with the following hashtag: @ChloeAnnaFLM

CHANCE #3: Share a picture of you & your mom on Instagram with the following hashtag: @ChloeAnnaFLM


Photo credit of pictures above:
Facebook: // Instagram:@saraah_emily

Contest Partners:

Lise Watier Foundation
Twitter: @FondLiseWatier
Instagram: @FondationLiseWatier

CF Carrefour Laval
Twitter: @CFCarrefour
Instagram: @CFCarrefour

CF Fairview Pointe Claire
Twitter: @CFFairviewPC
Instagram: @CFFairviewPC

CF Galeries d’Anjou
Instagram: @CFGaleries

CF Promenades St-Bruno
Instagram: @CFPromenadesSB

Salon Gamme
Instagram: @SalonGamme

Valérie Gay-Bessette Photographe
Instagram: @ValieGB




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