Throughout the years, I’ve tried A LOT of products (both good and bad) and realized that a beauty investment : Dior being one of my favourites, is worth the splurge! Two years ago, I received a Dior limited edition palette for Christmas from my sister – we have a special bond my sister & I, we always tell each other what we want as gifts. Sure, it takes away a bit of mystery and fun but we always end up so happy with what we get! When I saw this gorgeous palette, it had to be mine – it had all the eyeshadow colours I loved including a black one which I use instead of an eyeliner + it had a bunch of lip colors that matched the eyeshadows perfectly! The packaging was amazing too, it was sleek & black, it zipped up and had a great mirror inside. So, I asked Santa (my sister) to get it for me. I used it daily, and took it on trips with me – the quality of the shadows which stayed put all day long was undeniable!

My eyes are very sensitive and when I don’t put on a good quality eyeshadow, they end up crying all day and the entire eye makeup gets smudged. I end up wiping away tears throughout the day, having to explain to my co-workers that everything is okay, I am not crying, it’s just my eye that’s out of control! And the sole act of wiping away tears all day long is a sure way to create wrinkles – no thank you. Well, it was not the case with this Dior palette – my eyes were happy & so was I – then disaster stroke & I broke the palette during a travel trip. I was devastated, but I quickly replaced it with another. It was not the exact same since the one I got was a limited edition, but I had to replace it with something similar, as I had learnt a valuable lesson: quality beauty products are worth the investment. My eyes and my skin are thanking me for it!

Ever since, I remained a loyal customer of Dior & I’m happy to be reviewing these two products I recently received from them – perfect for the upcoming holidays! | AD:

Love at 1st sight with this 5 COULEURS eyeshadow palette in color 797 Feel! This palette has 5 rich pigments in the perfect shades of beige and brown that complement blue eyes. Dior has 24 other combos for you to love so that you can be creative & truly express your personality through your makeup. The shades are creamy, easily glide on the eyelid, there is a wide spectrum of effects from matte to shiny, and they all blend together so perfectly. What’s really great about this palette is that you can create a subtle look for the office and then turn it up a notch for nighttime!

I was already a fan of the eyeshadows and although I’ve tried some lipsticks in the palette I got for Christmas, I never tried their Rouge Dior until now. The one I got here is the 999 in matte and it’s exquisite! This lipstick is highly pigmented, doesn’t streak & it’s very comfortable to wear as it does not dry out the lips (it’s enriched with mango butter to hydrate the lips) + it smells amazing! It also stays put for a long time, so that you don’t need to re-apply it every couple of minutes.

I hope this review was of interest & I cannot recommend enough this beauty investment: Dior – worth every penny, enjoy!