When I heard that the Artis brushes were finally hitting the Canadian market, I was beyond ecstatic to try them out! And, they surely did not disappoint! First and foremost, I think it’s important to mention that the fibres are 100% Animal Free! They’re actually made of CosmeFibre®. I tried out the brushes to apply foundation and concealer, and I found them to be super soft. The results of the application were smooth, even & uniform – absolutely flawless!!! Not a single patch of foundation showing. Honestly, artist worthy results, if I may say (did I just call myself an artist? Well, with these in hand, I surely am)!

I am in love with the black and silver sleek design, as well as the boxes they come in – totally making a statement! Not to mention that they come to Canada perfectly in time for the holidays! So if you’re missing some last minute Christmas gifts, grab some Artis brushes, which are exclusively available at Holt Renfrew, online and in store! They are a luxury product, so for sure they retail for more than the typical makeup brushes, but the quality of these guys will likely make them last for a very long time – worth the investment!  



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